Specialty Items for Equine


  • A Holistic Vet's Prescription for a Healthy Herd, By Richard J. Holliday, DVM

    A Book by ABC's consulting holistic veterinarian, Richard J. "Doc" Holliday, D.V.M., and late founder and CEO, Jim Helfter.
  • Amino 3

    Amino 3 is a nutritional equine feed supplement developed to help the body balance dopamine levels.
  • Antioxidant Formula - Organic

    Vitamin Supplement for Horses - Source of Vitamins E and C. ABC's Antioxidant Formula is formulated to support the body in the fight against free radical damage.
  • Choline for Horses - Organic

    Choline for Horses (Organic) is a supplement that is used primarily for horses that are suffering from diseases of the nervous system and is suggested for post EPM supplementation.
  • Dried Kelp (Seaweed) Organic

    Organic Kelp - Nutritional Supplement for all Classes of Livestock and Equine
  • EPM Supplement Without Folic Acid

    Vitamin Supplement for all Classes of Horses - Highly fortified with antioxidants to supplement Homeopathic Treatment or Alternative Protocol. Used for neurological support.
  • Flax - Stablized

    Stabilized, Ground, Fortified Flax - Nutritional Supplement for all Classes of Horses. Flax is a good source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, protein, zinc and fiber.
  • Fossil Shell Flour (Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade)

    Fossil Shell Flour (D.E.) Food Grade, is a natural mineral primarily composed of amorphous silica. It is not a poison; it is a natural product which creates an environment in which parasites do not find suitable to live in.
  • Garlic - Organic

    Organic Garlic Supplement for all Classes of Horses
  • INR Formula

    For horses who have a difficulty with cresty necks, poor shedding, drinking excessively, and may show signs of laminitis or insulin resistance.
  • LD-Blend

    LD-Blend is helpful as a preventative supplement and is generally fed on a long term basis in areas where Lyme Disease is rampant.
  • Master Jack

    Supplement for Uveitis - Master Jack is a special grain mix to support the immune system and reduce recurrent episodes of inflammation.
  • META+

    META+ (Formerly Cushing's Plus Magnesium and Chromium) is recommended to help improve the quality of life of horses diagnosed with metabolic conditions such as Cushing's Syndrome, Laminitis, Insulin Resistance, or EMS.
  • MOP - Organic

    MOP is a blend of bentonites: a source of silicon found in the tissues of all mammals. MOP is designed for multiple nutritional purposes, however as an absorbent, is beneficial to reduce imbalanced nutrients and for detoxification.
  • No Grain - Grain Mix

    For diet, ABC's No Grain - Grain Mix (EPSM Supplement) contains antioxidants, enzymes, proteins and fatty acids in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) - which alternate energy without changing diets.
  • OB Formula

  • Redmond Salt

    Redmond Salt is in its truly natural state of pure sodium chloride and minerals your horse's body needs. It is not kiln dried or processed with chemicals.
  • Reg's Custom Mix

    Reg’s Custom Mix™ is a nutritional supplement designed for High Performance Horses (endurance, fox hunting, jumping, roping, dressage) whose discipline requires great fitness, stress on their bodies and a high metabolic output.
  • Selenium and Natural Vitamin E

    Used to supplement Selenium to the diet, for all classes of horses.
  • Super Vitamins Plus - Organic

    Super Vitamins Plus Organic is a 21-day feed additive that is frequently used in place of conventional antibiotics by holistic vets for the treatment of semi-acute and chronic infections.