15-Mineral Free Choice Starter Kit for Ruminants and Horses


15-Mineral Free Choice Starter Kit for Ruminants and Horses
The Complete Free Choice Kit for Ruminants and Horses includes all of our Free Choice minerals, along with MOP, Redmond Salt, and Free Choice G.R.P.
This kit is specifically designed for individuals that are trying to produce non-toxic food for their families, and as a diagnostic kit to unravel specific health issues that exist in all livestock. It is a way that animals can communicate deficiencies in their diet, problems in their environment, and toxicities and nutritionally negative components of their drinking water.

Kit Includes 1 of Each:
  • A-Mix (Vitamin A, D & E) - 12.5 lb Bag
  • BVC-Mix (B Complex Vitamins) - 12.5 lb Bag
  • C-Mix (Calcium) - 12.5 lb Bag
  • Cu-Mix (Copper) - 5 lb Bag
  • 2% I-Mix (Iodized Salt) - 5 lb Bag
  • K-Mix (Potassium) - 5 lb Bag
  • M-Mix (Magnesium) - 5 lb Bag
  • P-Mix (Phosphorus) - 5 lb Bag
  • S-Mix (Sulfur) - 5 lb Bag
  • TS K-Mix (Trace Minerals/Selenium) - 5 lb Bag
  • Zn-Mix (Zinc) - 5 lb Bag
  • Buffer Plus (Buffer) - 5 lb Bag
  • Redmond Salt - 5 lb Bag
  • MOP Organic - 5 lb Bag
  • G.R.P. Free Choice - 12.5 lb Bag

    Click Here for More Information on our Free Choice minerals.

  • Two-Hole Feeders are not included but may be purchased separately. 8 Plastic two-hole feeders = $80, or each unit = $10. Feeder does not have preset mounting holes - Simply attach by drilling screws through feeder and mount at a height comfortable for your horse.
  • ABC's Free Choice Products are also sold separately and are available in larger sizes.
  • Use White Salt in a loose or block form along with all ABC's Free Choice Products.
Should I Supplement Selenium?  Selenium is not included in our free choice kits; however, we do carry Selenium supplements which can be purchased separately and offered if needed. While many soils are Selenium deficient, some may have excessive amounts of selenium. Visit this link to find out if you are in a Selenium deficient area. You may also consult your local vet or request a blood test.

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15 Mineral Free Choice Starter Kit