Organic Health Products for Horses

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  • Energy™ Organic

    Energy™ Organic is a pelleted "Calorie Pack," complete amino acid supplement, and source of essential fatty acids.
  • PRO BI™

    Food for the Microflora of the Gut in All Animal Species. PRO BI™ is a biological feed additive designed to maximize digestive efficiency.
  • Aloe Vera Plus Garlic & Kelp

    Aloe Vera Plus Garlic & Kelp is a Nutritional Supplement for all classes of Livestock and Horses. The concentrated benefits of Aloe Vera, Garlic, and Kelp are carried in an alfalfa-based pellet.
  • Blue Green Algae

    ABC's Blue Green Algae Supplement is fortified with additional vitamins, minerals, trace elements, herbs and enzymes for additional support.
  • Chvel

    Chvel is an all-natural, nutritional supplement for compromised horses.
  • Enzymes Organic

    Enzymes process and deliver nutrients to the body and contain antioxidants. ABC's Enzymes can be given in addition to A.B.C.'s Plus® to support digestion in times of stress.
  • Garlic - Organic

    ABC's Organic Garlic Supplement provides health benefits related to pain-relief, as well as anti-flammatory and reduced swelling properties. It is often used by horse owners as a regular maintenance product.
  • Micronutrient Pack

    An all-around 'wellness' tonic which offers a full amino acid profile, accompanied by vital trace minerals, vitamins and other important key factors, like enzymes and transfer factors.
  • MOP Organic

    A detoxification supplement for Ruminants and Equine, designed to assist with stress caused by the increased presence of toxins in the body.