Organic Dried Kelp (Seaweed)

Nutritional Supplement for all Classes of Livestock and Equine
Ingredients: Organic Dried Kelp
Directions: Offer FREE CHOICE if possible, or follow the directions below. (2 oz scoop is included)

Adult Dairy Cattle: Top dress 6-8 oz. per head per day for the first 30 days. Alternately, mix 50-100 lbs per ton for the first 30 days. Amount used may be decreased by 50% after 30 days.
Beef Cattle: Offer free choice. Also individually offer white salt and a calcium phosphate mineral mix.
Heifers: Offer free choice 90 days prior to breeding, or top dress at least 4 oz. per head per day for this pre-breeding period.
Calves: 2 oz. per head per day
Horses: 1-2 oz. per head per day
Swine: Add 50 lbs per ton of complete feed ration.
NOTE: Offer Free Choice white salt along with all ABC Free Choice products.
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Dried Kelp (Seaweed) Organic - 5 lb bag - Item no. P020
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Dried Kelp (Seaweed) Organic - 25 Lb Bag
Dried Kelp (Seaweed) Organic - 5 Lb Bag