Beef Cattle


All of our products are made from certified organic ingredients. Thus, whether you raise conventional, organic, or grassfed beef, your animals are assured of wholesome, non-toxic materials and supplements.



  • Grassfed Beef

    Natural-Grassfed Beef Cattle are fed only pasture or forages. No grain or grain by-products are allowed. Grassfed Cattle may also meet organic standards.
  • Organic Beef

    Organic Beef Cattle are raised according to standards set by the USDA/NOP. Their feed must be raised on land that complies with USDA/NOP standards. There are rigid controls on the use of GMO's, herbicides, insecticides, hormones, and antibiotics. Only organic grains may be fed. Access to pasture during grazing season is required.
  • Conventional Beef

    Conventional Beef Cattle do not need to comply with organic or grassfed standards but may still be fed organic products.
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