EPM Supplement Without Folic Acid

Vitamin Supplement for all Classes of Horses
Highly fortified with antioxidants to supplement Homeopathic Treatment or Alternative Protocol. Used for neurological support.

Note: To achieve best results with this product, supplement your horse with 4 ounces of A.B.C.'s Plus per day and have the Free Choice Stress System available at all times.

Directions: Top dress 1 scoop (16.5 grams) daily with feed or follow recommendations of attending Veterinarian. For more information about this product, please see the Product Label below.

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EPM Supplement w/out Folic Acid - 1.75 Pound Bag (26 day supply) - Item no. A056
EPM Supplement w/out Folic Acid - 6 Pound Bag (89 day supply) - Item no. A347



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EPM Supplement w/o Folic Acid - 6 lb Bag