12 Stones Organic Pellets


(Formerly "Cal Cubes" - Now Pellets)

Uses include:

  • Assuring finish on grass cattle the last 45 to 90 days of finishing
  • A nutritious reward to gentle and train cattle
  • Balancing protein to energy on poor forage
  • Extra energy for preconditioning for times of stress like transport or stockers going to grass
  • Shorten breeding season by getting cows gaining prior to breeding despite forage quality
  • Sustainable nutrition when Mother Nature throws a curve like drought
  • Finishing cattle - 1/2 to 1 lb per head per day to optimize protein/energy ratio with forage for maximum finish during the last 45 to 90 days
  • Cows and Bulls - use as needed for training or supplementation during critical periods of poor forage
  • Growing cattle - 1/2 pound per head per day when forage quality is not sufficient to allow optimum growth to fit marketing plan
Also contains D.U.A. - D.U.A. is an all-natural supplement that maximizes rumen function - it has proven to increase feed efficiency and allow optimal expression of genetic potential, naturally.

**Note on Totes: 
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If ordering multiple totes, add these to the cart separately so that each tote appears in the cart on its own line. (Ex: If ordering 3 totes, each tote would be ordered one at a time, by placing a 1 in the qty box and adding each tote separately to the cart.) This allows us to add the weight and price for each indiviual tote in the order.

The price displayed will be the price per pound. Once the tote is filled, it is weighed and the total cost of the tote will be calculated and added to the order. There is a minimum of 1500 lbs per tote. Totes generally range from 1900 - 2100 lbs and are priced accordingly.
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12 Stones Organic Pellets - 25 Lb Bag - Item Number B038-2
12 Stones Organic Pellets Tote - Per Pound (Minimum 1500 lbs) - Item Number: B037-2


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12 Stones Organic Pellets - Tote By Pound -1500 Minimum Order
12 Stones Organic Pellets - 25 Lb Bag