Water Products  

Advanced Biological Concepts® has been dedicated for over 45 years to providing practical solutions for livestock health issues. Water plays an important role in these issues.
Water stands alone as the most important nutrient.
 For every 1 pound of dry matter, 3 pounds of water is consumed.
All water is not the same!
Water is to a feed ration what soil is to a fertilizer program.
No one would consider formulating a soil amendment (fertilizer) program without a soil test. Why would anyone formulate a ration without a water test?
"Water is necessary to the life and shape of every cell. It carries nutrients to the cells and wastes away. It is necessary for reactions of digestion and metabolism. Water constitutes 70-75% of the body. Water is the key to sustaining life. Consider that an animal’s body is made up of approximately 70-75% water and the larger remaining portion are minerals, which are the core of the body governed by positive and negative ions. The blood consists of 80% water. When water is not energized in the body with the proper balance of minerals, the electrical field cannot transfer energy to the cells.
Certain combinations of elements in drinking water produce predictable stresses that later develop into nutritional deficiencies. These nutritional deficiencies are then diagnosed as diseases. To further direct a solution to animal health problems, we need to understand the functions of the body and what role water plays in these functions."
  - From Practical Solutions in Raising Livestock, by Gordy Jordahl