Water Filter Kit

Featuring a mobile and inexpensive water filtering system with the smallest of micron size to remove organic sediment, sulfide odors and chlorine residual, rust, and more to return water back to its natural taste for increased water intake for your animals.
Groundwater contains contaminants as well as dissolved minerals, and because water is a solvent, over time it breaks down the ionic bonds that hold substances together. Water gathers up everything it comes in contact with such as chlorine and organic compounds, along with sulfides, giving water a stringent taste and decreasing water intake, leading to dehydration in your animals, which is a major cause for disease. By filtering out these particulates with its small micron size, this water filtering system will help assure a better taste for maximum water intake.
Filter cartridges are also available for this system. These filters reduce sediment, chlorine taste and odor, and rust particles.

The Filter Kit has 2 ends which can be connected to either a garden hose or a hydrant. (See photos below for further explanation)


Connected to a garden hose:


Connected to a hydrant:



While attached to the hydrant, a hose can also be connected to the other end.