NU-FORCE® Water Restructuring Units are water delivery systems that deliver optimum hydration and transfer nutrients quickly for peak performance. They are designed to be used directly in water lines to both revitalize the water at the molecular level and to increase the water's energy-carrying capability.

The NU-FORCE® system helps to:

  • Neutralize toxins
  • Enhance good bacteria
  • Increase water dissolved oxygen levels for energy
  • Increase nutrient assimilation

Mode of Action
NU-FORCE® Water Restructuring Units work by forcing water to penetrate every cell in the body with hydrogen rich water (the fuel of life). The units form large zones of hydrogen rich water in a liquid crystalline phase to neutralize toxins and wash them away. The liquid crystalline phase is intimately connected with the generation of life. Hydrating with the needed minerals creates an informational network in cells essential for life and health.

Hydration is the key issue, as all water molecules naturally bond together to form large clusters, thus making it more difficult for water to penetrate cell walls. It is like trying to force tennis balls through a chain-link fence. The NU-FORCE® Water Restructuring Units change the "tennis balls" into small marble-form for optimum hydration.

Key Points
What consumers are experiencing with NU-FORCE® Water:

  • Optimum hydration
  • Increased performance
  • Stabilized energy
  • Balanced mineral assimilation

NU-FORCE® Water Restructuring Units revitalize water back to its natural state. Water without mineral activity is termed "hungry water," leaching minerals from the body and causing dehydration. The natural state of water contains bio-information needed for cells to communicate a strong immune response.

NU-FORCE® Technologies has increased electrical conductivity to transfer energy throughout, by putting mineral reserves in motion from lost body fluids (dehydration).

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