Specialty Items for Conventional Beef Cattle



  • A Holistic Vet's Prescription for a Healthy Herd, By Richard J. Holliday, DVM

    A Book by ABC's consulting holistic veterinarian, Richard J. "Doc" Holliday, D.V.M., and late founder and CEO, Jim Helfter.
  • Dried Kelp (Seaweed) Organic

    Organic Kelp - Nutritional Supplement for all Classes of Livestock and Equine
  • DUA W.T.™

    Water Additive For all Classes of Livestock and Poultry
  • Fossil Shell Flour (Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade)

    Fossil Shell Flour (D.E.) Food Grade, is a natural mineral primarily composed of amorphous silica. It is not a poison; it is a natural product which creates an environment in which parasites do not find suitable to live in.
  • Free Choice G.R.P.™

    Our G.R.P.™ technology - in Free Choice form. G.R.P.™ increases the utilization of supplemental minerals. It overcomes glyphosate-caused nutrient immobilization and protects the quality of our food.
  • MOP - Organic

    MOP is a blend of bentonites: a source of silicon found in the tissues of all mammals. MOP is designed for multiple nutritional purposes, however as an absorbent, is beneficial to reduce imbalanced nutrients and for detoxification.
  • N.O.M.S. / IPR Pellets - Organic

    Natural Occurring Mineral Sources - Used for all health concerns related to parasites. A parasite preventative product for all classes of ruminants and equine.
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  • Target Factors

    Treats the Cause, Not the Symptom. Target Factors is derived from bovine colostrum, hyperimmune egg yolk antibodies and transfer factor technology. It contains pre-biotics and pro-biotics for a healthy gut and immune support.