12 Stones Free Choice Mineral Kits for Grassfed Dairy and Beef Cattle

Vitamins and Minerals are required for good health. Having many different minerals in the feeder allows the cattle to choose from the various minerals to maintain health.

Note that consumption of minerals varies from farm to farm. Your animals may eat more or less than average, depending on their needs.

Offer a Free Choice common white salt block or common white feed mixing salt with all 12 Stones Free Choice products.

Should I Supplement Selenium?
Selenium is not included in our free choice kits; however, we do carry Selenium supplements which can be purchased separately and offered if needed. While many soils are Selenium deficient, some may have excessive amounts of selenium. Visit this link to find out if you are in a Selenium deficient area. You may also consult your local vet or request a blood test.