Possible Missing Link to Restore Electromagnetic Balance in Soils


By: Gordy Jordahl, Water Physiologist

Decades ago, before the advent of modern agriculture, everything we planted grew and contained the balanced electrical matrix (framework) that was created.

However, modern day agriculture brought change, and to change any component of this matrix of soils would cause disharmony in plants and animals. Disharmony transfers disharmony to everything it comes in contact with, from the soil media to the roots and aerial portions of plants for food.

Dr. William A. Albrecht, chairman of the Dept. of Soils at the University of Missouri warned, "Growing plants and animals on a soil with insufficient fertility due to lack of organic material, major elements and trace minerals containing an imbalanced matrix, is responsible for poor crops and in turn for pathological conditions in animals fed foods such soils, and that mankind was no exception."

Linus Pauling, the only person to ever win two unshared Noble Prizes also stated, "You can trace every disease and every infection to a mineral deficiency from unequally yoked energy fields."

Energies of minerals have been scoured from agricultural sites in the past several decades as assuredly as if they have been vacuumed out of a family room carpet.

When the pioneer farmer first began plowing the plains in the U.S. there was more than six feet of topsoil containing an abundance of minerals. Today there is much less and most of the base is gone.

There are no silver bullets pertaining to numerous products or given nitrogen sources, mineral combos, microbial products or growth regulating hormones that can stand by themselves to address all the needed combinations to help balance the electrical matrix in soils.
However there is a tool called Organi-Zyme, from Advanced Biological Concepts, to help balance the electromagnetic imbalance. Organi-Zyme addresses the cause and not the symptom of plant disease, increasing the quality of foods as it promotes equal concentrations of energy sources and fortifies the natural balance of minerals. It also increases sugar levels beneficial for plant insect resistance and neutralizes high salt indexes that retard beneficial soil organisms. Organi-Zyme reduces oxidation of stalks, mulch, and organic matter, which can then be absorbed into the soil and converted to sugar. It builds soil humus to reclaim toxic soils to stimulate and nourish soil organisms. It encourages the action of micro flora and earthworms to breakup compacted sub-areas for more extensive root development and increased soil water retention. 
Organi-Zyme enhances naturally occurring and applied commercial nutrients to the optimum. Contact us at 1-800-373-5971 to learn more about this product.