Natural Alternative to Porcine Circovirus Type 2

By: Gordy Jordahl, Water Physiologist

Circovirus suggests a mutation of the causative agent from post weaning "multi systemic syndrome" first identified in the 90s. It has decimated swineherds in large geographical areas of the U.S. This complex virus attacks the intestinal tract, which is responsible for over 70% of the immune response.

Target Factors from Advanced Biological Concepts® contains protein messenger technology which has triggered great interest in the livestock industry. Target Factors serves as an immune safety net for all classes of livestock. This technology blankets all stages in production. As an example in swine, Target Factors is fed 3-5 consecutive days prior to breeding, pre-farrowing, early post weaning and early grower stage to serve as an immune safety net.

Target Factors activates an enormous immune response within the immune system throughout all life stages. The protein messengers are communication, memory and educational molecules. Their major role is educating, activating and mobilizing natural killer cells that invoke an immediate immune response.

There is immune awareness to antigens (virus, toxins, bacteria) during pregnancy. Target Factors is not immune compromising, and will communicate and activate the specific antibodies needed to protect the fetus until birth with a safety net against foreign substances.

At birth, a newborn begins producing antibodies. Target Factors is fed again for a few days at different growth stages continuing to influence immune response. Target Factors activates and mobilizes T-cells to search memory files and find the blueprint of the foreign substance responsible for the disease.

Before the immune system can respond, it must be able to recognize and not compromise the foreign substance responsible for disharmony in the body. Target Factors supplies a protective safety net and preventative benefits.


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