12 Stones S Mix

12 Stones S Mix (Sulfur) - is a Free Choice mineral supplement. 12 Stones S Mix aids in production of healthy hair and coats, and in hoof and horn development.
  • Sulfur is necessary for the life of animals, for it is an essential part of most proteins. Sulfur is necessary for the synthesis of sulfur bearing amino acids.
  • A deficiency limits non-protein nitrogen utilization.
  • Sulfur is a component of methionine and cystine (sulfur amino acids), a component of biotin and thiamine, and is involved in tissue respiration and energy metabolism through the sulfhydryl chemical groups. The optimum amount of Sulfur is in a range of 0.20 - 0.22% of the total dry matter. Sulfur is acid in nature. Sulfer-nitrogen ration should be 1-10.
  • Sulfur supplementation may be necessary for ruminants when urea is being fed as a source of non-protein nitrogen.
  • Sulfate - S limits Cu and Ca storage and protects against the toxicity.
  • High Zn increases fecal S.
  • SO4 decreases liver Mo.

Effects of an Excess of Sulfur:

  • Creates an acid rumen.
  • Increases need for copper.
  • A laxative effect - black scours.
  • Sulfur toxicity is unlikely under normal conditions.

Effects of a Deficiency of Sulfur:

  • Limits NPN (non protein nitrogen) utilization. 
  • Reduced growth rate due to sulfur amino acid requirements for protein synthesis not being met for the animal.
  • Poor hair coat - shedding wool in sheep.
  • Poor hair, hoof, and horn development.
  • Excess saliva.
  • Watery eyes.
12 Stones S Mix - 25 Pound Bag, Item no. B007
Directions: Offer Free Choice separate from other parts of the ration.

Note: Offer a Free Choice common white salt block or common white feed mixing salt with all 12 Stones Free Choice products.



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12 Stones S Mix