March 10, 2015 - Growth Projected in Pesticide Market


Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - An ever-increasing world population is accelerating the development of the pesticides market in Spraying a fieldNorth America and Western Europe. A new analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Analysis of Pesticides Market in North America and Western Europe, projects a 16 percent increase in sales over the next three years.

The ability of insects and weeds to develop resistance to the current arsenal of pesticides is fostering the push to develop newer, more expensive chemistries that offer higher level of toxic solutions for pest-resistance, thus further spurring market revenues. 

However, consumers are becoming conscious about pesticide residues on food products, especially in fresh vegetables and fruits. As supermarkets push for residue-free fruits and vegetables, farmers are forced to minimize pesticide use on plants, thereby restraining volume growth.

Then too, regulatory authorities are increasingly scrutinizing pesticides for toxicity to the environment, carcinogenic activity, and harmful effects on other biological species such as insects and aquatic organisms.  This has resulted in more R&D emphasis on environmentally sound biological control – biopestides.

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