February 4, 2015 - Sustainable, Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World


Wednesday, February 4, 2015 -Farm In 2002, Dr. Paul Mader and colleagues analyzed more than two decades of data to answer the question, “Can organic farms yield comparable outputs with conventional farms?” Their findings showed that, on average, organic farms yielded 80% of the output conventional farms produced.

However, since this assessment was based on yield alone, it does not take into consideration other factors that make organi
c agriculture far superior to conventional.

  • The quality and nutritive value of the produce is superior. There are more nutrients found in organic foods.
  • Under organic culture, soil fertility increases from year to year.
  • Soil and food are not contaminated with toxic herbicides, insecticides, and GMOs.
  • Organic production is cheaper since it does not rely on expensive and toxic chemical inputs.
  • Organic agriculture does not rely on government subsidies to be profitable as does conventional agriculture. 

Farmers all over the world, farming from a few hectares to many thousands of acres, are proving that high-tech, holistic, sustainable and organic farming can not only feed the world population but do it better and healthier than the conventional, unsustainable low-tech system now being foisted upon us in the guise of "good science".

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