January 30, 2015 - New Antibiotic Hailed as 'Resistant to Resistance'

Friday, January 30, 2015 -Antibiotics Even though antibiotics have been a boon to mankind for decades, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently warned that because of the development of antibiotic resistant super-bugs, we are now approaching a “post-antibiotic era” where people could die from ordinary infections and minor injuries.

But now some scientists are optimistic that a new class of antibiotics may have been discovered in a grassy field in Maine, U.S. Researchers from Britain, Germany and the U.S. have isolated a bacterium they claim may produce a new class of antibiotic that is actually resistant to resistance. Named “Teixobactin,” the new antibiotic is said to be effective against everything from MRSA to TB and without any side effects. It is expected to be on the market as early as 2019.

COMMENT: Hey, wait a minute! That sounds almost identical to a press release from 1945 when a Lederle Labs researcher discovered the antibiotic Aureomycin (Chlortetracycline) in a soil sample from the Sanborn Field experiment station at the University of Missouri. That one developed resistance pretty quick, too.   Their claim that the drug has no side-effects also bothers me in that it isn’t even on the market yet. Time will tell.

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