All Minerals Are Not The Same


All Minerals Are Not The Same!

Consider the following facts.

Cows eating from a mineral feeder

Feed tags do not tell the whole story. Two mineral tags may show the same ingredient list and guaranteed analysis and still vary greatly in cost and in nutritional performance. You get what you pay for…cheap minerals are often the most expensive in the long run!  If you choose the wrong one, you are actually setting a timer for production and reproduction failure.    




1.  Advanced Biological Concepts® minerals contain DUA™, a wide spectrum prebiotic, probiotic & enzyme product that enables your animals to efficiently digest fiber and protein in the ration and thus release the minerals and other nutritional ingredients already present in your feed for greater cost savings. Fiber digestion provides a source of major and micro minerals in a natural chelated form.

Advanced Biological Concepts® minerals contain a proprietary blend that remediates the effects that glyphosate contamination has on the safety and quality of feedstuffs.

3.  Cheap sources of some minerals are not as readily available to the recipient animal. They then have to consume more to satisfy their nutritional needs. Excess consumption can result in mineral imbalances that lower immune response and productivity.

Advanced Biological Concepts® minerals do NOT contain consumption limiters to limit consumption of the more expensive items. This is false economy as it does not allow the animals to take what they need to maintain health and sets the timer for future herd health and production problems.

Advanced Biological Concepts® minerals do not contain enhancers to force consumption of some items so that they conform with University Standards for mineral consumption. This practice forces the animals to consume an unbalanced mineral diet and also sets the timer for future problems.

6.  Cheap sources of minerals are more likely to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals. More and more minerals (less expensive but of poorer quality) are being imported from foreign countries. Phosphorus and zinc sources imported from China have been found to be contaminated with Cadmium and have been determined to be responsible for toxic symptoms in some herds.

7.  Whenever you buy minerals it is best to know your suppliers and buy from a company that has a history of success.
Advanced Biological Concepts® has an untarnished record of successful mineral supplementation that spans over 4 decades.

All Free-Choice Minerals are not the same!
Set the timer for increased herd health and production 
with Advanced Biological Concepts® Minerals.