Canada TS K-Mix


Free Choice Mineral and Vitamin D Supplement for All Classes of Dairy and Beef Cattle 

TS K-Mix (Trace Minerals plus Selenium) is a mineral supplement for all classes of Dairy and Beef. The need for trace element supplementation has increased in recent years due to the gradual depletion of minerals in farm soils and increased animal confinement. The trace elements iron, manganese, cobalt, zinc are minor but essential minerals in livestock nutrition. Selenium is essential for Vitamin E metabolism. Iron (along with Copper) is essential to form hemoglobin in the blood. Manganese affects the metabolism of calcium and carbohydrates. Cobalt is needed to enable rumen bacteria to synthesize Vitamin B12. Cobalt deficiency causes loss of appetite, weakness, anemia, decrease in fertility, and lowered milk production.
Prolonged stress or disease can create a new set of metabolic and nutritional requirements for nutrients. If the animal cannot maintain adequate plasma and tissue levels, as well as adequate enzyme activity levels, the disease becomes more difficult to control. Loss of these nutrients can result in depressed or reduced immune response.
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Directions: Free Choice separate from other parts of the ration.

Note: Offer a Free Choice common white salt block or common white feed mixing salt with all ABC Free Choice products.

Canada TS K-Mix - 25 Pound Bag (11.36 kg) - Item no. C012
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Canada TS K Mix - 25 Lb Bag