Canada A-Mix


Sodium and Vitamin Supplement for All Classes of Dairy and Beef Cattle

A-Mix (Vitamins A, D, and E) is a Sodium and Vitamin Supplement for Dairy and Beef Cattle. Three very important vitamins in animal nutrition are A, D, and E.

Vitamin A
maintains the skin and the linings of the digestive, respiratory and reproductive tracts. Healthy tissues resist invasion by disease. Vitamin A is needed for normal sight and to prevent night blindness. Colostrum is high in Vitamin A.

Vitamin D
is the Sunshine Vitamin. It prevents rickets and is essential for proper bone growth and consistent reproduction. It is linked importantly with calcium-phosphorus utilization.

Vitamin E
aids in absorbing and storage of Vitamin A. It is a part of enzyme and hormone systems. If you are having breed back or cleaning problems, it could be a lack of available Vitamin A and/or Selenium.
Canada A-Mix - 25 Pound Bag (11.36 kg) - Item No. C014
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Canada A Mix - 25 Lb Bag