Mar. 26, 2012 - Consumer Demand for Grass Fed Beef Underscores the Need for More Production



With the exponential increased demand for grass fed beef, a major beef processor has professed an interest in a consistent, sustainable supply of 80 to 100 head of certified organic grass finished beef per week.

If you are at all interested in being a part of this or just want more information about it, please read the below letter and respond if so inspired.

Dear Grass Fed Beef Producer:

We have been approached by a major processor to review the feasability of developing an ongoing supply line for "certified organic grass finished beef." We know full well the pitfalls and negative experiences many have had in such a venture previously. We believe the time has come to put aside the past and review what "can work" now and in the future. If man can fly and harnass electricity, they surely can get some farmers, ranchers, processors and retailers together to work in a unified and mutually profitable effort.


Would you please read the attached open letter (PDF) and respond if inspired to do so. We are wanting feedback and constructive input to build a production and marketing channel with scale. We believe it is the right time in history to do so.

Respectfully yours,
Bill & Nancy Roberts
12 Stones Grassland Beef