Feb. 18, 2013 - Find Out If Your Horse is in a Selenium Deficient Area



While many soils are Selenium deficient, some soils may have excessive amounts of Selenium. To find out if your area is deficient in Selenium, check out this map showing "Selenium in Counties of the Conterminous States": http://mrdata.usgs.gov/geochem/doc/averages/se/usa.html

Clicking on this map brings up a regional map upon which you can click on the county and bring up data for mineral concentrations in that individual county.
Typical recommended daily intake of selenium is .1 mg/kg of dry matter. Your local veterinarian is your best source to determine if you need selenium supplementation based on your geographical location.


Why is Selenium Supplementation important?

• Selenium is involved in Vitamin E absorption, utilization, and retention.
• It is essential for glutathione peroxidase activity, which helps in prevention and repair of oxidaton (rancidity) of lipid material.
• Selenium is found primarily in muscle and high protein tissue, with very little selenium found in fatty tissue.
• Blood selenium levels are highly responsive to changes in dietary selenium levels.


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