Power Plus Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral (Canada only)



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Power Plus Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral  (Rush Creek Mineral for Canada)

Reg #: 840047 HS# 230990620415 - This Product is for Shipping to CANADA.

Power Plus Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral is a fortified and balanced Calcium and Phosphorus free choice supplement containing other essential macro and micro (trace) minerals plus added vitamin sources to maintain mineral balance with the ever-changing quality of your feedstuffs, hay or other forages.

What Makes Power Plus Rush Creek Better than other Similar Supplements?
Power Plus Rush Creek
is fortified with human grade calcium and monosodium phosphate opposed to dicalcium phosphate. Dicalcium phosphate is not as available for assimilation through the digestive system as monosodium phosphate. Monosodium phosphate will also make other sources of calcium available for assimilation.

Power Plus
Rush Creek is a must if you are feeding alfalfa hay. Please do not top dress or add Power Plus Rush Creek to your horse's grain ration, offer free choice only.Itis used to supplement horses all over the world, therefore it does not contain Selenium. Selenium will need to be fed separately to meet any deficiencies that may be present.