12 Mineral Kit - 1 25 lb Bag of Each FC Mineral



Item Number: A181

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12 Free Choice Mineral Starter/Refill Kit for Ruminants

Contains one 25 lb bag each of the following minerals:
Organic A Mix - A, D & E Vitamins for Healthy Tissue Growth
Organic BVC Mix -
B Vitamins for Nerves and Stress
Organic Buffer Plus
- Buffer
Organic C Mix -
Calcium for Bone Growth and Vigor
Organic Cu Mix -
Copper for Blood and Hair Coat
Organic 2% I Mix -
Iodine for Metabolism Regulation
Organic K Mix - Potassium for Growth and Nerve Response
Organic M Mix - Magnesium for Bone and Blood Development
Organic P Mix - Phosphorus for Growth and Reproduction
Organic S Mix - Sulfur for Protein Formation
Organic TS K Mix - Trace Minerals + Selenium - Immune System Health
Organic Zn Mix - Zinc for Hooves and Skin 
Item Number A181