KLNZ Mix Organic (Detox)


Free Choice Vitamin and Mineral Buffering Supplement for Ruminants and Equine

KLNZ Mix Organic is a Free Choice Mineral Supplement for all Classes of Ruminants and Equine. KLNZ is a proprietary blend specifically designed to assist with specific environmental toxins, while maintaining digestive pH levels. KLNZ is designed to be used with Advanced Biological Concepts' representative support.

KLNZ Mix Organic
- 25 Pound Bag - Item no. A148
KLNZ Mix Organic - 5 Pound Bag - Item no. P018

Offer Free Choice separate from other parts of the ration.

Note: Offer a Free Choice common white salt block or common white feed mixing salt with all ABC Free Choice products.

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KLNZ Mix Organic - 5 Lbs Bag