July 20, 2015 - France Bans the Sale of Glyphosate


France Bans the Sale of Glyphosate

Monday, July 20,
2015 - While Monsanto continues to bleat about the safety of glyphosates and their inability to harm humans, mFrench flagany countries, including Russia, The Netherlands, Bermuda, Sri Lanka and now France are taking steps to protect their populace from the ravages of glyphosate.

France’s banning of the private sale of Monsanto's glyphosate is only one item in a long list of common sense innovation. They have asked the makers of Nutella to stop using palm oil, are insisting that all new rooftops be covered in solar panels or plants, and are mandating the donation of all supermarket food waste.

The French aren't the only people around the world waking up to the effects of Roundup. Other European countries continue their crackdown against the damage caused by Monsanto and all of their products. While most of the focus has been on Monsanto crops, the tremendously influential study from the International Agency for Research on Cancer has caused many to consider banning all of their products.

The PR department of Monsanto continues to refine their denial skills.

 Hopefully our country, where 80 percent of products now likely contain GMOs, will step up and say, “Enough!” before we reach a tipping point of irreversible environmental damage.

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