March 29, 2016 - North Dakota Grain Terminal is 100% Non-GMO

North Dakota Grain Terminal 100% Dedicated to Non-GMO Harvests


Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - Addressing the growing demand for all things non-GMO, Captain Drake, LLC.Sugarcane field, a newly-acquired North Dakota million-bushel grain terminal, has its sights set on creating and maintaining a fully non-GMO facility.

“By providing growers and end-users this key facility, Captain Drake will consolidate and streamline the sourcing of non-GMO grain in the Red River Valley,” says Mark Anderson, president of Captain Drake. “We will be able to obtain the best non-GMO commodities from three regions: North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba, Canada.”

Their website also highlights the public's surge in wanting access to healthier options, stating that they're poised to get on board with the non-GMO “market trend.” Doing so will help their clients “navigate this new and real concern ...” when it comes to their businesses. Additionally, their site states the following:

“This human manipulation of our food supply has not yet been proven safe and has been linked to many health concerns. Consumers are demanding to know what is in their food and it appears that food and beverage companies will soon have to answer with GMO or Non-GMO on their packaging.”

Captain Drake, LLC. is joining an elite group of companies already taking the lead in providing safer food for their consumers: Hershey, Campbell, McCormick, Panera Bread, Subway, Chipotle, Whole Foods and others.

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