May 5, 2015 - WHO Calls for Publication of ALL Clinical Trial Results - Not Just Favorable Ones


Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - A study published in the March issue of the New England Journal of Medicine found that during the 12 month period after completion of industry funded clinical trials, only 17% of trial outcomes had been reported. After five years that figure rose to just 41%.

In like manner, of all results of trials funded by the National Institutes of Health, only 8% were disclosed after 12 months, and 38% after five years.

Partially as a result of the above findings and others, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that researchers have an ethical mandate to publish all clinical trial results, regardless of their outcomes, and are calling on organizations and governments to implement measures to insure that results from previously unpublished trials be made public. They are also calling that results from future trials be made public within 12 months of the trial’s completion.

Dr. Ben Goldacre, author and co-founder of the AllTrials campaign, is quoted as follows:

“This is a very positive, clear statement from WHO, and it is very welcome. But withheld trials are already in breach of multiple existing codes, declarations, and even laws: delivering change will require more than good intentions. We need individual accountability, from robust public audit. Only this can show us exactly which researchers, companies, institutions, funders and treatments are the best - and the worst – for withheld data. With this individually accountable data, we can finally reward good practice, learn from the best performers, and ensure that those withholding information are held fully to account.”

COMMENT: This is a good move by WHO. Hopefully the momentum will carry over into the bio-pharmaceutical industry and require full disclosure of Monsanto’s secret research.

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