Dec. 30, 2011 - January Specials all month long!

January is Customer Appreciation Month!
We would love to hear how Advanced Biological Concepts'
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Send your feedback to during the month of January. Let us know
Advanced Biological Concepts' products have kept your animals healthy.
Please include any photos if available.
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All photos received will also be entered into our 2012 Pet of the Week Contest.

January Special - Get 10% Off ABC's Flax All Month!
FLAX - Nutritional Supplement for All Classes of Horses

No Soaking, Labor Saving, One Year Shelf Life

Assists with: Hair Coat, Hoof, Body Weight 


Item no. A058 - Flax - 17 lb Bucket (60 day supply)
Item no. A059 - Flax - 40 lb Bag (140 day supply)