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Posted Tuesday, 12/16/2014  1:21:24 PMShare

Introducing Gabriele Sutton - ABC's Equine and Canine Nutrition Consultant!

 A Holistic Vet's Prescription for a Healthy Herd

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - Whenever you have the need to talk about your horses' or dogs' nutritional or wellness needs, Gabriele Sutton welcomes your request. Gabriele has been working in the Equine and Canine Nutrition field for well over two decades and has been mentored by Jim Helfter for the past 16 years.


In 2000, Gabriele founded KAM Animal Services and has been working very closely with ABC as well as our nationwide Veterinary Community and countless competitive Equine Performance Clients.


Should you need ABC product clarification, a nutrient specific program to restore health and balance, assistance with dosage or feed recommendations, or simply want to talk to someone about your horse's or dog's supplemental needs, Gabriele is here to help. 


You may reach her via e-mail (weekdays at): or our ABC office at 800-373-5971 CST

or call her cell directly: 519-532-9940 EST


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